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Vasi Healing® treatments for disease, injury and illness utilize an Integrated Healing Platform that hails from ancient India. Vasi Healing provides the platform for the body and mind to reclaim authentic health and well-being. Click below to learn more about us and to schedule a treatment with Stephen.


This website and my life’s work is dedicated to my Teacher, Palpandian and his guru lineage - the Tamil Siddhas. These ancient Masters are the wellspring of the spirit that guides the healing work that Palpandian has instructed me in since 2009.


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Vasi Healing®

Vasi Healing® is capable of fully mending acute and chronic diseases for all dimensions of the human frame. From back pain to auto-immune diseases to coronary artery disease, Vasi Healing provides the platform to return to genuine well-being and vibrant living regardless of the disorder afflicting the body or mind.


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Minimalistic Movement Workshops

“If the purpose of meditation is to unravel ones shrouded divinity, one need not go very far…..”

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