For over 20 years Palpandian served humanity giving countless healing to many thousands of people. He did so while honoring his Guru’s wish that he never accept payment for any of the treatments or medicines he gave. Thus, he lived purely by the grace of God. While doing so Palpandian groomed his few students in India and selected a few of us most honored ones to carry on the healing wisdom of his lineage. This healing system is purely unique to his lineage and he has given it the name “Vasi Healing®." Its scope, potential, and sheer grace cannot be fully described in words for it encompasses both the physical creation as well as the boundlessness of cosmic imprint.

The many dimensions of the Tamil Siddha tradition like alchemy, tantra, healing, astrology, and especially the treasure known as Vasi Yogam®, have faithfully been shared by him over the years. His healing mission ceased in 2015 and this work is now carried on by us students around the world.

Today Palpandian is sharing the Siddha tradition with sincere seekers. To this end, his way is to introduce people via a group workshop where they can be introduced to this most ancient teaching. From there each individual can begin their journey into the wilderness of the Siddhas with a guide who lovingly walks beside them. These workshops are called “Minimalistic Movement Workshops.”


In Tamil (the language of southeastern India), the root word of Siddha is “chit” or consciousness, thus Chittar or Siddha is one who abides as pure consciousness, denoting one who is perfected.  Existing since time immemorial they are the well spring and masters of all forms of yoga, tantra, martial arts, science, alchemy, astrology, medicine and healing.  While all of  pre-historic India was the land of the Dravidians, the southern part of India is unique as it is here that the ancient spiritual scientists or the “Yogis” of ancient Tamil Nadu encoded their sacred works in both esoteric poetry and by oral tradition.  These Yogis or spiritual scientists are known as the Tamil Siddhas.  

Their hallmark is one of both extreme secrecy and profound humbleness and it is impossible for one to separate these two attributes.  While greatly misunderstood throughout the ages due to these two intermingled tenets their wisdom, teachings, methods and radiant life giving Presence remains to this day.  It would be both inaccurate and disrespectful for me to speak or write of them in the past tense for they are truly the par excellence of Immortal Masters.  The Siddha lineage is the first and most ancient of lineages of pre-historic India flourishing well before the Vedic age. While many of the later traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism refer to Siddhas it is the land of the Dravidians, those pre-historic inhabitants of India where the original Masters, the Tamil Siddhas originate. 

Throughout thousands of years keeping to a strictly oral tradition and only imparting their fullest knowledge through the Guru-Sishya (teacher-student) principle the Siddhas remained veiled from the mainstream.  Encompassing all aspects of their divine insight ranging from medicine, healing, astrology, alchemy, yoga, tantra and spiritual essence, the manuscripts contain the vast array of human potential.  In them lies their works on the origin of metallurgy and it’s various uses, the archetypal healing Gods and deities, the mysterious power spots, medicinal preparations, and the invaluable yogic insights that emerge from the mystery of the life-giving and life-taking rhythms of Nature.