Siddhas - Masters of Nature

We are happy to say the second edition of “Siddhas - Masters of the Basics, by Palpandian is now available under the title “Siddhas - Masters of Nature”. The first edition came out in 2008, and the changes in this past decade begged the same in the tone of the writing. The critique tone of Masters of the Basics was actually set between 2000 and 2004. The second edition appreciates the peoples growing awareness of the spiritual world and its aspirants. People are more ready to work on themselves and put in the needed sacrifices.  “Siddhas - Masters of Nature”, is a sculpted version of its predecessor. For readers seeking an overview of the entire Siddha Tradition...

Rivulets of the Absolute

India. For many, the word brings visions of ancient traditions and deep mysteries: India, a land that even the British Empire at its zenith could not tame. Today, many seek her out for age-old spiritual and healing secrets, hoping to find the keys to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. In Rivulets of the Absolute, Stephen Grissom takes the reader along his intense search through India in quest of spiritual purification. Upon meeting his guru, Grissom finds a home in the ancient esoteric clan of the Tamil Siddhas. Equally fascinating and transformative, this book is destined to enhance the journey of all spiritual seekers.