SIDDHA VASI HEALING: Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World

The healing arts of the Tamil Siddhas were born from Their intense search for spiritual perfection. This uncommon birthplace is why they are supremely effective. The uniqueness lies within the Siddhas understanding of all aspects of a person. Often called body-mind-spirit today, it can also be understood as physical-energy-consciousness. In the language of the alchemists, one would term it as salt-sulphur-mercury. Whatever labels are utilized the essential takeaway is that Tamil Siddha healing accesses not only all levels of the person, but the entire Cosmos. All of creation and all of the energies that exist are included, accessed and harmonized. This grandness of inclusivity is only possible by having traveled the path that leads to spiritual perfection. For without this component, the most essential ingredients of creation and so each individual, would be excluded. Indeed, it is the Tamil Siddha masters deep understanding, born from Their own quest and enlightened state, that declares the entire creation to exist in each of us. This reflection of the macrocosm in the microcosm illuminates the vast potential that lies within Siddha Healing.Since the “All” is reflected in the “specific,” it is little surprise that the methods of influencing these endless flows are equally vast. In order to bring about authentic health and vibrant living a multifaceted platform that integrates unknowable depths is mandatory. I call it unknowable because it cannot be learned from books, lectures, or any other manner of usual practices. It requires the immersion into those same infinite and mysterious realms that give birth and cradles all of existence. One’s intellect and very sense of individual parameters are themselves the barriers that must be extinguished. These are static things and so impede the Great Flow. The deepest understanding of how Life incessantly flows, moves, creates, sustains and destroys, inevitably results in a like manner of living, moving, and flowing. This supreme flexibility is humility, and its offspring gratitude.  Awe inspired interaction with Nature, entwined with inner silence. This is the very ground from which true healing grows.In its most practical and well known sense it is the medicine of the Siddhas that represents the finest of herbal, organic and inorganic applications of the Tamil masters. Boundless in its relevance for alleviating and curing illness and disease it is undergoing a renaissance as the Indian government pursues its continuance by funding its inclusion at the universities. However, there are deeply esoteric dimensions of the medicinal arm known only to the few native Siddha healers.  These masters have come from the ancient oral lineage and so have sole access to the most rare and potent medicinal and alchemical preparations.Beyond the medicine of the Sages lie the most potent and inclusive of healing dimensions that exist. Falling under the banner of Siddha Varma, the range and scope of these systems is extensive. The manual stimulation of Varma points, which is detailed in the book “Rivulets of the Absolute,” constitutes the initial layer of Siddha healing that exists outside of the medicinal arm. Having absolutely no correlation to Ayurvedic marma, Chinese meridian, or acupuncture/acupressure, Varma healing stands alone in both applicability and efficacy for returning health due to illness, disease, and curing injuries. It is this level, Varma point stimulation, that has become more available in India and soon will be seen more here in the West.The most potent and all encompassing of healing stretches over and above Varma point stimulation. The Siddha healing masters of these methods number only a few. Comprising the realms of energy healing, astrology, alchemy, occultism, tantric healing, and what can only be described as “spiritual healing,” their effectiveness and potency defies common understanding.  Siddha Healer Pal Pandian utilized all of these dimensions of the Tamil Siddha masters for over twenty years of healing service. This mastery stands as unique, yet there is more.  The pinnacle of healing is the most potent yet also rather esoteric.  Known as Amritha Kalai, it can only be defined as the “Siddha healing realm of nectar energy,” and stands beyond any type of energy or spiritual healing. Healer Pal was introduced to Amritha Kalai by his own Teacher many years ago.  Taking what he given, Pal explored the vast scope of Siddha nectar healing in a manner that is exclusively his own.Siddha Healer Pal Pandian is currently engaged in sharing the spiritual dimension of the Tamil Siddha masters, yet his lineage carries on his divine healing mission. Infused with Pal’s healing spirit and guided by the grace of the Siddhas we continue to meet those suffering from illness, disease and injury. The system Pal has given is the grand fusion of Siddha wisdom:  Varma, kalari, adangal, tantric healing, occultism, spiritual healing and of course his elegant refinement of Amritha Kalai. Taken as a whole it is an integrated healing platform.  Healer Pal has given this holistic platform its own name:  Siddha Vasi Healing.-Stephen