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Never allow the mind to cheat you. Whenever you feel like you know something, then rest assured, you have deviated from the path.

These two sentences resonated in me as I walked my dogs in the cool autumn air. Having been cooped up for most of the day the quickly fading sunlight and increasing crispness of the breeze refreshed all three of us. And, it allowed me to ponder a curious situation of a woman with myriad symptoms but no definitive diagnosis. 

Our only interaction was over the phone so I had her description of rapid fever onset, pain in the wrist and knee joint along with intermittent inflammation. She was also afflicted with a rash each evening as if on cue. Having plagued her for years she had sought various doctors. She tried alternative modalities as well as ayurvedic practitioners. None had been able to help. Actually, none were even capable of giving a diagnosis. Alternately the doctors had labeled it as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. In time each diagnosis would be abandoned. She didn’t fit in any of the categories. Thus, proceeding with an effective treatment had been elusive. 

The pain, fever, and frustration had come to the point where desperation had set in. This was obvious from our conversation. Of course, I really wanted to help. Throughout the day different ideas would come that seemed to point the way of how to proceed with treating her. Each one would be discarded. But with the dogs and the cold expansive sky, I stopped thinking. And then it happened, “it IS lupus, Lyme, arthritis, fibromyalgia and it is NOT lupus, Lyme, arthritis, or fibromyalgia”! 

The eureka moment hit me and even physically all the cells of my body seemed to wake up. It was a beautiful moment for me, one I will always remember.

From that moment onward all attempts to label or figure out how to approach the situation were extinguished. Feeling my way led to a deep sense of flowing with the approach to treating it. First, I prepared and sent cleansing preparations, ones my Teacher Palpandian had taught me. Intuitively I knew to work with particular organs. This approach was important since she would have to travel across the country and stay near the healing center. So, I was only going to have a few days to apply hands-on Vasi Healing® sessions for someone suffering for years with a chronic disorder.

By the time she arrived her situation had improved dramatically. She stated the symptoms had improved by about sixty percent. Seeing her for the first time she held out her right wrist, “See Steve, even though I’m so much better this swollen wrist is so painful, this is what I have been going through.” 

It was indeed swollen but in a soft manner where so much fluid had settled. The preparations I had sent, I knew at that moment, were absolutely the correct way to work with her as they were meant to reduce pitta, the element of fire, excessive heat. 

Since the wrist had so much fluid it was obvious that some non-injury related inflammation had settled in the joints and the body had attempted to compensate, to cool the excess heat by bringing fluid to it. When she showed up the next day for her Vasi Healing session she was bubbling. The wrist had completely resolved of all pain and inflammation.

We had Vasi Healing® sessions for four days. The organs related to her problems as well as those that suffered from her long term illness begged to be released from the burden they had endured. I then sent her home with a few more Siddha preparations to take for the next few months. When she left after the week she spent with Vasi Healing®, she no longer had any symptoms. Two years later and that is still the case. She is happy, healthy and able to resume her work and family life without any health challenges.

Anytime I feel that I understand a problem I do my best to remember the Siddha’s uncompromising guidance: It is not that! Dig, then dig some more! 

Always I remember my Teacher with so much love, for he had to embody so much patience while instructing me over the years. He would keep pushing me to have the experience of stopping the usual arrogance of assumptions, labels, and linear thinking. Over time I have come to learn that it is enduring in the very ground of our limitations that affords us the priceless experience of coming to know ourselves.

Applying the gems of his wisdom to Vasi Healing® I finally had the glimpse that a problem is not a single dot but rather a matrix of many dots. 

And that enduring in not knowing, in the boundless space of ignorance with any challenge or life obstacle is itself the beauty of livingness…and the human body.


Steve Grissom