Thiruvadi: Hidden in the Obvious

Thiruvadi:  Hidden in the Obvious

Each week, I receive numerous emails from folks all over the world inquiring about my Teacher Palpandian and how to meet him. For years most asked about their diseases, longing to have Vasi Healing treatments. Some years ago, he gave the responsibility to carry on Siddha Vasi Healing to his students both in India and those of us abroad. 

Since that time, Palpandian is dedicated to sharing the other aspects of the Siddha tradition. The majority of his interactions focus on aiding individuals in their personal journey or what many call “spiritual practice.”

The most obvious is the most elusive.


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The manner in which he likes to introduce people to the wisdom of the Tamil Siddhas is to gather a few at one time in what is called a “workshop.” I put it in parentheses for the simple reason that it truly transcends the word and it is used only for convenience sake. In truth, the gatherings are akin to what is rightly called Gurukulam, an ancient phrase that means “living with the Guru.” What is being shared in these “workshops” contains a depth and breadth I find difficult to describe. It is most truly an elixir for the soul. Yet, in typical Siddha fashion the mind, the body, and one’s most mundane aspects of life are not only included but the very springboard for immersion.

Some years ago, the academic world of Siddha medicine reached out to my Teacher and invited him to speak with both the students and faculty at some of the Siddha medical colleges. A few, and then quite a few, of the participants started to slowly stream to the village of Tiruvannamalai seeking the wisdom they sensed in him. Looking first for his healing and medicinal instruction (they were not disappointed), the time they spent with him began to spark a different and deeper longing. 

Having spent time around these fine gentlemen and ladies, it has been a pure delight to see their relationships with Palpandian sprout and blossom. In turn, they have created something that I find to be truly wonderful, and that is the very reason for this blog. For anyone who ever wishes to understand what is taught in the “workshop” or how such sublime beauty and wisdom can be shared in such a fashion, please look no further:

I encourage everyone who has any interest in the Siddha path to spend time going through each aspect the website. If a person is truly sincere, they would surely notice that the terminology and approach, from Minimalistic Movement to Embodied Meditation to the details provided under the “Workshop” tab, are original, unique. You will find no borrowed language in my Teacher’s path or instruction; no ‘enlightenment’, ‘chakra’, etc. The path of Siddha is both ancient and uncompromising.  

It is true, as written in “Rivulets of the Absolute”, that instruction and guidance in one’s personal journey requires a one-on-one relationship (Guru-sishya) and is integral in the path of Tamil Siddha. Then why is he bringing people together in this so-called “workshop”? That is a good question and its answer is that these rather small gatherings help to expose a few people at a time for a beginning step. Also, Palpandian makes himself available to each individual, so that the opportunity to develop a true relationship is a vital part of the experience. 

I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to those wonderful people who have written, posted, and created this website out of their own sense of grateful expression. May it reach many people who currently live in doubt, anxiety, or simply wish to fulfill the purpose of being a human!

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