Describing the force of Life can be a trying task and words more or less pile up into a bunch of synonyms. Over time, listening to these synonyms we pretend to have understood the role and behaviour of this primal requisite and do little to think about, or find out for ourself its precise presence in our life. We take for granted this relationship between us and our life-force and pay little or no attention to detail – it becomes a part of the furniture of our mind, which we use for convenience but know little of its origin.

Life-force, by definition is that which gives vitality or animates. If we were to come face to face with it, in all its glory, would we recognise it? It is an odd question because life-force is everywhere, all around and within us, and yet we use a bunch of dictionary words to describe it. A rather impersonal reply considering it is our very core. Our relationship with our life-force is not a conscious state or else we would have a better answer. In which case, if we lived in a natural world, we would not need to learn about it from another. This is the world the Siddhas speak of – living one with Nature.

A documentary on Youtube titled ‘Animal Odd couples. Animal and their Humans, Wild Things’ shows several successful relationships between unlikely pairs. A polar bear and a hippo having human parents and it not only the humans who are honouring the role of parenthood. The parent child bond is mutual and reciprocated in full colours. The mismatch of species and lack of blood-relationship is a non issue. One tends to wonder what then is the basis of ‘bonding’. How do these unlikely bonds make our human familial ties look so poor and threadbare? What is the secret of their love, that leaves us an humbled and envious audience.? Animal science uses the word ‘imprinting’. The early hours of birth are free of any ideas of how ‘mom’ should look like and the one who offers the first ‘love’ is ‘mom’, for life. Science attributes this early ‘window’ to be responsible for creating unlikely bonds between different species. They are not wrong there. Science also explains adult inter-species bonding based on maternal hormones close to or during pregnancy times and so on.

While science is eagerly only just learning about the little window of pure love through animal-human behaviour, ancient Siddha verses name it, ‘the pinnacle of conscious human evolution’. Siddha Vasi is the path of living in that ‘window’ of love, one with the Origin, eternally. This removes any misconceptions of Vasi being the practice of breath manipulation claimed by recent yogic style. The nature of Siddha-hood is foetal living. All a Siddha aspirant aspires is to fall back into that early window we are born into. Relatively speaking it is a rather small window. After birth, we gradually lose this window once pulmonary circulation begins. As we slowly identify with the multiplicity of the outer world our singular oneness recedes into darkness. While most spiritual traditions encourage the practice of love, compassion, brotherhood so as to imbibe the nature of the Source, the Siddhas deter further additions marking them as deviants. Instances such as the ones in the video show how present our life-force is at any given time. It shows just what the word ‘receptivity’ means and evidently it is not even close to the ideas we practice. The receptive-ness of pure unconditioned life-force surpasses all boundaries set by Nature to define one species from another. The natural force of Oneness leaves all differentiation to bite the dust in the face of love, putting you instantly into your origin. Living one with Nature is living in that state of nourishment. Both, the polar bear and the hippo’s state of ‘life-force’, at birth, knows no conditions, and is entirely receptive to the love and care it is offered, even by a human. This moment, in the lives of both the animal and human parents, is life long because even as the animal grows and abides within the boundaries set by its species in all other matters, it does not forgo the bond forged during his little ‘window’ of receptivity. This is who we are. Thiruvasi is the enlivening force of pure receptivity and pure love. It is our pre fragmented self, our un conditioned core, our true existence. Come back to Life.

PalpandianARUNACHALA SIVASeptember 2018

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