VASI - Living through the Breath of the Universe

The family of Siddha Healer Pal Pandian’s lineage has grown by three. This happy news is due to the recent completion of Vital Point Therapy instruction by Oleg Aleksandrov, Shweta Parmar, and Jim Prussack. Each of them is authorized to practice Vital Point Therapy and can be reached at their respective contact information listed below:Oleg Aleksandrov                                     Shweta Parmar                                                 Jim PrussackKrasnodar, Russia                                   New York City, NY                                           Encinitas,                                   

VASI – Living through the Breath of the Universe

Each one of us is an integrated being. Since men and women spring from One Source, how could it be otherwise? This directly shows what is natural in relationship: the empowerment of both the masculine and feminine energies in each being. This is the divine decree of the twin aspects of  humanity. That some of this sacred energy has become bent, like pure light passing through a prism is no secret.

When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving one’s self,

and one always ends by deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.

-Oscar Wilde

Relationship is not confined to the romantic type. It also includes our parents, siblings, workmates, friends, and the countless strangers we interact with daily. Indeed, its scope includes our relating with things as well. In fact it is inclusive of everything that is external to us. The common theme that plays out? Being unaware of our unified nature, we compulsively seek to assert and then seek approval of a mere fragment of our own self. Only to project this same neurosis on all others. This aberrant behavior is obvious in romantic scenarios and so pervasive that it is virtually impossible to see through. It is akin to being plugged into a matrix-like computer reality.Every day we can witness people undergoing intense suffering due to being spellbound by this insidious construct. The common thread is the wrong notion that relationships exist to bring them happiness, rather than waking them up to their own rejected aspects. Forgetting to look inward, (which is the real meaning of the word introvert), the focus instead is outside in a fruitless attempt to soothe the inner fragmentation. Feeling the split of this sacred energy inside, we fall into the drama of outwardly projecting (the real meaning of extrovert). The theater of society has long been dominated by this performance, and while it can be rather entertaining, it is still a dramatic diversion. One that often wears the mask of a Greek tragedy. But, it has not always been like this.Long ago in our forgotten past society lived solely in accordance with the seasonal shifts relating to crop cultivation and hunting-gathering practices. Our ancestors lived the majority of their lives outside. By day their feet and hands touched the earth, by night their eyes gazed at dancing fires and the star strewn heavens. This natural and raw way of living created a felt need for celebration in the most organic sense.The return to the source of this sacred energy is the path of ecstatic bonding, whose brilliance pulsates within Nature. Its echo resonates the same touchstone within each of us. This is the illumination of the masculine and feminine energies, concealed in each of us. The euphoric bonding is firmly rooted in the beauty of the earth, just as lightning needs earth as its focal point.It is felt as a “breathing”. One that is simultaneously subtle yet all encompassing, for all of creation, including our bodies, lays curled in the womb of silent ecstasy. This awareness will come from the sky as we watch birds fly, framed by clouds. Its feeling and smell emerges from caressing winds and as thunder echoes in the heavens with its own song – enveloping rain. This is the memory of our ancient civilization where celebration was the very fabric of ordinary life.There are those today who personify this “return to the source”, who are not bothered with masks and disguises. Their earthiness and simplicity results from the enraptured bonding of the primordial masculine and feminine energies. They may not be the teachers of spirituality that society expects to see, and often not of the tradition of religion, spirituality and book learning.Rather, they will emerge as ancient wizards: dancers, poets, therapists, writers, healers and musicians. Having heard this clarion call, they are not motivated by personal expression but by a far vaster and more mythological need. One rooted in the earth itself.Look! Even those that work more simply with wood, metal, and machines will personify this artistic expression. The gardener, plumber, and auto mechanic will begin to view “work” as a kind of play and artistic expression. Their lives shall personify a deeper connection with spirit and earth.

You cannot differentiate if a Siddha is playing or working.

-Pal Pandian

It is inescapable. There is a new world in the making. A world where living in fear, conflict, and warfare, which always results in vast misery in the human kingdom, will be relegated to the “dustbin of history.” This is our responsibility as the new “avatars” of the creative force, which lives and breaths in the heart of the universe!Stephen

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